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AWS API Gateway: Adding API Keys to your HTTP requests Last Updated on 02/25/17 There are a few different ways to add a layer of authentication to your API Gateway endpoints, and today we’ll be going over using API keys. You can create API keys for different services or administrators... Read more

AWS API Gateway: Solving Missing Authentication Tokens Last Updated on 02/22/17 As you’ve been working on setting up new endpoints via API Gateway, dealing with authentication errors can be pretty frustrating. The test method inside Method Execution might run fine, but you can’t access your new endpoint... Read more

Accessing S3 Buckets with Lambda Functions There are times where you want to access your S3 objects from Lambda executions. It’s a pretty simple process to setup, and I’ll walk us through the process from start to finish. To begin, we want to create a new... Read more

Solving AWS Lambda and API Gateway Internal Server Errors If you’ve tried hooking up Lambda functions to the API Gateway before, chances are that you’ve seen internal server errors when trying to curl your endpoint. Today we’re going to cover one of the common mistakes that result in these... Read more